art that aims to evoke emotion and spur conversation

Penelope Przekop categorizes her work as figurative expressionism. Her paintings of women are indeed expressive, emotional, and evocative. Her work is influenced by fashion photography and celebrity imagery. You may vaguely recognize a famous young face in her paintings, such as Amy Winehouse or Emma Stone. She does not seek to represent the celebrity exactly, but instead uses them to capture something universal about women, their power and their vulnerability. Penelope, a self prescribed introvert, uses her art to communicate an inherent introspectiveness. She seeks to represent the complexity of women, who navigate in a world where they are often exploited through the media, criticized for their looks, and torn between their responsibilities to family and their personal goals. Her work captures these concepts on the canvas with complex compositions, lots of vibrant color, energy, and tension. The expressive paintings communicate with large, bold statements. Penelope may be a quiet person, but her art certainly is not.
— UGallery


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