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Penelope Przekop is a professional speaker who has worked with Fortune 500 companies to evaluate, improve and define quality management systems for over 25 years. She is the author of Six Sigma for Business Excellence, Aberrations, and other titles. Her paintings have been shown and represented by galleries in key US markets and on three continents, and have been acquired by two Italian museums.

Penelope is passionate about sharing how quality management philosophies and concepts can alter mindset and create a clear roadmap for implementing the best possible version of your company ... and also your life. Her broad and deep quality management systems experience and expertise, coupled with her creative talents, enable her to clearly communicate how the underlying concepts of quality management can be applied:

    • Across industries and organizations
    • Within small businesses and nonprofits, and
    • In your very own personal and unique life.

In addition to speaking on the applications of quality management in the corporate world, Penelope speaks on how this powerful, proven science can be applied on a deeply personal level to improve the quality of life. She draws upon her own deeply personal story as well as her successful creative work and process to provide examples and analogies. She taps into both sides of the brain to connect dots and spark epiphanies that can ultimately lead to a 5-Star Life.


Penelope educates leaders and employees at corporations, associations, non-profits, etc. about quality management systems including strategic planning, implementation, and continuous improvement. She addresses the application of quality management systems based on assessing risk-benefit specific to the business, including how to use creativity to ensure efficiency and avoid seemingly unforeseen pitfalls and bottlenecks.


Penelope motivates leaders and employees at corporations, associations, and non-profits, etc. to build a 5-star business culture and/or personal life by tapping into the powerful science of quality management. Creating or owning 5-star quality rated products is fantastic; however, having them doesn't create or ensure a 5-Star team, organization, or life.


Drawing from a unique personal story defined by mental illness, child abuse, suicide, creativity and healing, Penelope inspires professionals and other groups with her authentic, empowering and hopeful perspective on how personal applications of the proven science of quality management (used by Fortune 500 companies) can transform our quality of life. We don't settle for 3-star movies, restaurants, or products. Why should we settle for less than a 5-Star Life?


Speaking with parent groups, community organizations, and others, Penelope employs honesty, creativity, and quality management expertise to encourage us to look beyond our current filters to connect the hidden dots of our past and present. She shows us how to understand our "as-is" process, identify gaps, and create a new roadmap using our unique story, one that leads to a 5-Star Life.

For more information or to bring Penelope to your company or event, contact:

Jeanne Glasser Levine