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February 11, 2013

A couple of years ago, out of the blue, I received a note from Mojo Perry, a singer/songwriter who was crazy about my art. He'd stumbled across it on Facebook.

Mojo is a fantastic musical talent who has a large following in both the US and Europe. He views his music as art, and never gives up on his quest to create the best, most honest work he possibly can.

To learn more about his thoughts on creativity, check out his 2012 Aberration Nation interview.

From Mojo's site:

"There is a fine line where Blues, Rock, and Pure Originality meet and on that fine line you'll find Mojo Perry."

Infused by Mojo's raw energy and unmistakable stage presence, Mojo Perry delivers a high-energy show. Hailing from Wisconsin his trio is powered by a tight rhythm section that will leave you in awe. Mojo's music is always delivered with original footprints. That sound is what he calls the "Northern Sound". His "Northern Sound" has led his group to open shows for artists: Chris Duarte, Lonnie Brooks, Shannon Curfman, The Kinsey Report among many more!! Mojo Perry is definitely original, definitely fresh, definitely unique, and DEFINITELY an Artist/Guitarist you MUST see and hear!

Some call him Acid Rock. Others Call him Blues. Even the word Psychedelia is often used: Beautiful, Intense, Passionate, are also used to describe Mojo Perry's sound. However, the facts remain indisputable: You'll find him at Blues Festivals, Rock Festivals, your average joe bar, the big stage opening for National Acts, Headlining his own shows, and if you're lucky.... Inside an Art gallery performing "Blizzard Music; his Avante Garde Guitar looping... Dig...... Mojo Perry

Pure Originality! Blues Infused Psychedelic Rock!

This month his new album, Wonderland, drops with my original art on its cover.

When Mojo first asked me to consider creating the cover art for his Wonderland album, explaining that he would like it to be based on the song, Ballerina Snow Angel, I was a little skeptical. I know myself well and wasn't sure I could create something specific envisioned by someone else. I usually paint what I feel and wasn't sure that I could interpret what someone else may have felt and communicated through music. Creatively, I need to follow my own path. What if I got it all wrong from Mojo's perspective?

In discussing this with Mojo, he explained that besides listening to the song for inspiration, he supported my complete creative freedom and wouldn't have it any other way. He had faith in me. He believed that we shared a similar creative spirit and that in the end, there would be a great connection between his music and the art work.

I was convinced .... so he sent the music over. I listened to Ballerina Snow Angel no more than three times for fear that I'd over-analyze, something I'm often guilty of. I wanted to go with my gut. As I listened to the song, I tried to recognize how the music made me feel. Then I thought about how I could relay that emotion through painting, including colors, lines, movement, and emotion. And yes, I thought about snow, angels, and ballerinas. I also thought about Mojo. What type of person he seems to be, the company he keeps, and what kinds of angels and ballerinas he might find interesting. Then I thought about how I might infuse my own honesty into the visual work.

I painted the 24" x 24" piece over a two-day period, using acrylic, ink and pastels.  Other than the base dark background, I painted it with my usual tools, fingers, using palette knives and ink to create texture and finer detail.

My friend, artist Karin Perez, did the graphic art detail to complete the cover:

Mojo loves it!  Be sure to check out the album!  You won't be disappointed.

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