September 08, 2008

As an official Health Blogger for, I'd like to personally introduce you to the new Wellsphere. I encourage you to read the introductory information below and check it out.

Aberration Nation will appear on the Wellsphere Insomnia & Sleep Disorders Community web page due to its connection with my novel, Aberrations. The protagonist of Aberrations suffers from narcolepsy. Aberration Nation will continue to include thought-provoking essays encompassing various universal themes such as truth, forgiveness, choice, boundaries, relationships, etc.

Health Knowledge Made Personal

We’ve made Health Knowledge Personal! Wellsphere has just launched the next generation health website.

Wellsphere, the fastest-growing top 10 health website, has launched its groundbreaking solution for finding expert health knowledge and personal support. The new Wellsphere introduces “WellPages,” comprehensive, personalized webpages that connect people with the best health knowledge from experts, doctors, patients and healthy living professionals–providing immediate answers to their specific health questions.

Every WellPage is powered by Wellsphere’s cutting edge, proprietary Health Knowledge EngineTM. Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge, Wellsphere’s Chief Information Officer, a Stanford Computer Science PhD and former Harvard Medical School faculty member, told reporters today that the new Health Knowledge Engine understands people’s everyday health questions, instantly translates them into medical terminology, finds the most relevant credible knowledge, and presents it all on a single user-friendly WellPage. “Each WellPage provides users with a comprehensive set of articles carefully selected from leading medical experts, research institutions, healthy living professionals and other trusted health writers so users don’t have to visit multiple websites to find answers to their health questions. WellPages also provide a rich user experience by combining health information with relevant informative videos and high quality medical images that helps users understand better what they have and how to cope with it.” said Dr. Rutledge.

Wellsphere has seen tremendous growth in traffic in the last few months to a rate of more than 2 million monthly unique visitors, with more visitors discovering the new website daily. “Listening to users in our supportive online communities, we realized that they are not satisfied with the information about their condition or symptom that generic health websites or encyclopedias provide. What they’re really looking for is a credible, one-stop-shop where they can quickly get a personal perspective on their specific health issues – from medical experts and fellow patients. A 26-year old mother of two recently diagnosed with breast cancer is looking for different kinds of information and support than a 74-year old grandmother facing a seemingly similar diagnosis. We wanted to make sure that each of these individuals could easily find expert medical information that’s relevant to them, as well connect with other patients and health writers with similar experiences” said CEO Ron Gutman.

WellPages offer a comprehensive perspective on millions of health topics by drawing from hundreds of thousands of articles written by Wellsphere’s network of 1,200 rigorously selected health writers and experts who dedicate their writing to helping others improve their lives. Many of the leading medical minds from Stanford, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Yale and other top Medical Institutions are currently sharing their knowledge alongside patients who bravely share their journeys through stories, pictures, videos, and personal discussions. Patients can also connect in any of Wellsphere’s more than 100 new health communities to share advice and support one another.

To experience the new Wellsphere, visit

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