Thank you for stopping by to check out my work! This is where you can view and purchase my original work, purchase available prints, and find information on how to find and purchase various products featuring my artwork.

My original artwork can be purchased through this site or via galleries that represent and show my work. 

Galleries include
MZ Urban Art (NYC)
James Oliver Gallery (Philadelphia)
Red Space Gallery (Cleveland) 
The Norsworthy Gallery (Shreveport)

Galeria Pleyades (Nicaragua / Central America)

Spazio-Tempo Arte (Italy) 

Prices of original art are based on recent sales, size, materials, complexity, and, to some extent, year created, and are subject to change.  Prints of selected pieces are also available here. 

Examples of products (i.e, handbags, clothing, etc.) featuring my original artwork can be found in the collections galleries. At this time, most of the collections are sold on other sites. Within the collection galleries below, you will find a URL that will enable you to find and purchase the products shown and more.  Note that items in the Snaptotes Collection are sold exclusively on this site.  More Snaptotes selections and other collections are on the way!

Collections include:
Print All Over Me

Art 2014
Art: 2014
Art 2013
Art: 2013
Art 2012
Art: 2012
Art Selected Early Work
Art: Selected Early Work
Shop My Print All Over Me Collection
Shop My Print All Over Me Collection
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Shop My Snaptotes Collection
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Shop My Book Collection